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Infrared Thermal Camera

Fluke Ti300U

Infrared Thermal Camera

The production line in Food and Beverage plant is critical to ensure ongoing production for manufacturers. The Fluke Ti300U Infrared Thermal Camera is the ideal tool to identify temperature anomalies on equipment used in production line, including assembly and filling machines so on. By detecting these anomalies early, you can avoid problems before they occur and minimise the downtime on the production line.

  • Detailed 384 x 288 infrared resolution with IR Fusion™

  • Manual and Auto focus options for clear images every time

  • Measure up to 650 °C

  • Up to 30Hz frame rate to support smooth video recording for moving objects

Basic Parameters
IR resolution
384 x 288
Detector type
Uncooled focal plane infrared detector
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) @ 30 °C
75 mk (0.075 °C)
Spectral response
7-14 μm
Image frame rate
30 Hz
Lens Field of View (FOV)
25° x 19°
Spatial resolution (IFOV)
1.14 mrad
Minimum imaging distance
0.1 m
Lens focal distance
Auto/Manual focus
Lens recognition
Optional lens
2x telephoto, 4x telephoto, wide-angle lens
Digital zoom (Available soon)
Measurement Analysis
Temperature Range
-20 °C to 650 °C
Temperature measurement range
-20 °C to 120 °C, 0 °C to 650 °C
Temperature accuracy
±2 °C or 2%, whichever is greater, (@ 15 °C to 35 °C ambient temperature)
Temperature measurement area
Spots: 16 Lines: 8 Areas: 12
Area temperature measurement correction
Area audible alarm
Support high and low temperature alarm for the highest, lowest and average temperature of the area
Temperature rise function
Reference temperature can be the highest, lowest, average or custom temperature of the area
On-Imager analysis
The thermal photos or videos are directly analyzed in the Imager
Analysis software for PC
Infrared Thermal Camera

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