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Clamp Meter

Fluke 378 FC

Clamp Meter

Measuring circuits which aren’t allowed to be cut is common in many industries, including Food and Beverage industry. The Fluke 378 FC uses FieldSense™ technology to measure voltage and current without contact with a live conductor, making it a safer and more reliable option for use at Food and Beverage sites. The Fluke 378 FC also automatically detects and displays power quality issues relating to current, voltage, or power factor to quickly determine if there is an upstream supply problem or a downstream equipment problem.

  • Faster, safer testing without touching a live wire using FieldSense™ technology directly with your clamp jaw

  • Power quality indicator shows whether equipment or power line is faulty

  • Complete 3-phase voltage and current tests in 3 quick steps

Current AC (clamp jaw/iFlex®)
0 to 999.9 A: ±(2% + 5 digits)
0 to 2500 A: ±(3% + 5 digits)
Current DC
0 to 999.9 A: ±(2% + 5 digits)
Voltage AC (FieldSense™)
0 to 1000 V: ±(3% + 5 digits) (≤ 4/0 AWG); ±(5% + 5 digits) (≥ 4/0 AWG)
Voltage AC (Test Leads)
0 to 1000 V: ±(1% + 5 digits)
Voltage DC
0 to 1000 V: ±(1% + 5 digits)
0 to 1000 μF: ±(1% + 4 digits)
Resistance / Continuity
60 kΩ / Yes
Jaw opening
34 mm
Three-phase calculations
Power Quality indicator
Phase Rotation
Visual Continuity
Data Logging
Low pass filter (for VFD)
CAT Rating
CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
Clamp Meter

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