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Battery Analyser

Fluke BT521

Battery Analyser

The rapid uptake of DC backup battery systems on Food and Beverage sites provides essential instantaneous, uninterruptable power in the event of power failure. The Fluke BT521 Series Battery Analysers are ideal for maintaining, troubleshooting, and performing testing on stationary batteries and battery banks used throughout Electrical Distribution facilities.

  • Easily perform voltage tests including battery voltage, Discharge Volts and Ripple Voltage

  • Quickly and easily define thresholds to receive a pass/warning/fail indication after each measurement

  • Use the Fluke Battery Management Software to easily log and import data to a PC to easily generate reports and track batteries over time

  • BTL21 Intelligent Test Probes with long and short extenders, built-in LCD display and speaker for visual and audio feedback and integrated infrared temperature sensor for taking temperature measurements on the negative battery post with every test

Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet
Battery resistance¹
3 mΩ
1% + 8
30 mΩ
0.8% + 6
300 mΩ
0.8% + 6
3000 mΩ
0.8% + 6
6 V
0.09% + 5
60 V
0.09% + 5
600 V
0.09% + 5
1000 V
0.09% + 5
V AC (45 Hz to 500 Hz with 800 Hz filter)
600 V
2% + 10
Frequency (displayed with Vac and Aac)²
500 Hz
0.5% + 8
AC voltage ripple (20 KHz Max)
600 mV
3% + 20
6000 mV
3% + 10
A DC/A AC (with accessory Fluke i410)
400 A
3.5% + 2
0°C to 60°C
Meter mode
999 records for each measurement position with time stamp
Sequence mode
Up to 100 profiles and 100 profile templates (Each profile stores up to 450 batteries) with time stamp
¹ Based on AC injection method with a source signal of <100 mA, 1 kHz.
² Trigger level V AC: 10 mV, A AC: 10 A
Size (HxWxD) and Weight
220 mm × 103 mm × 58 mm, 850 g
Screen dimensions
77 × 56 mm
USB mini
Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C
Lithium-ion battery charging temperature
0°C to 40°C
Operating humidity
Non-condensing (10°C), <=80% RH (at 10°C to 30°C), <=75% RH (at 30°C to 40°C)
IP rating
FCC Class A
Vibration requirements
MIL-PRF-28800F: Class 2
Temperature coefficients
Add 0.1 × specified accuracy for each degree C above 28°C or below 18°C
Drop test requirements
1 metre
Safety compliance
Battery Analyser

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