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Mounted Thermal Camera

Fluke RSE30/60

Mounted Thermal Camera

When conducting preventative maintenance onsite such as at Food and Beverage facilities, there is no margin for error and keep monitoring the equipment either at the production line or food processing sector might be required. The RSE30/60 Mounted Thermal Camera helps you visualise and monitor temperature changes which are common indicators of failing components. With its high thermal resolution and being mounted on tripod, the RSE30/60 Mounted Thermal Camera free your hand and can easily identify loose connections and locate areas of degradation across various Food and Beverage site applications at early stages to avoid unplanned breakdowns and unexpected costs.

  • 640 × 480 (RSE60) & 384 × 288 (RSE30) IR resolution allows the user to visualize the small temperature changes accurately

  • 30Hz Frame rate & 1.8 Mb bandwidth video output offers a smooth visual experience by capturing the smallest temperature changes in detail

  • Auto-focus system saves a lot of time & effort by keeping the camera focused on the target at all times

  • Compatible with Standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses, to meet the needs of R&D, quality inspection, and monitoring

Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet
Infrared Resolution
384 x 288
640 x 480
Detector Type
Focal Plane Array FPA, Uncooled Microthermal
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)*
<50 mk
Temperature Range
-20°C to 650°C
Temperature measurement area
Support 5 temperature measurement points, 10 temperature measurement lines, 10 temperature measurement areas, support Modbus output (the Modbus output is mutually exclusive with the pan-tilt control)
Colour Palettes
10 colour palettes, including ironbow, black-white, rainbow, etc, the palettes can be inverted
Main stream Pixel: 384 x 288; Frequency: 30 Hz; Bandwidth: 1.8 Mb; Sub stream; Pixel: 384 x 288; Frequency: 30 Hz; Bandwidth:
Main stream Pixel: 640 x 480; Frequency: 30 Hz; Bandwidth: 2.5 Mb; Sub stream; Pixel: 320 x 240; Frequency: 30 Hz; Bandwidth: 100 Kb
Optional Lenses
Lens Name/Lens Parameters
Field of View (FOV) Spatial Resolution (IFOV) Minimum Focus Distance Focal Length
Standard Lens
25° x 18.7°, 1.13 mrad, 0.3 m, 15 mm
25° x 18.7°, 0.68 mrad, 0.3 m, 25 mm
Wide-Angle Lens
50° x 37.5°, 2.07 mrad, 0.3 m, 8.2 mm
50° x 37.5°, 1.31 mrad, 0.3 m, 13 mm
Telephoto Lens
12° x 8.9°, 0.57 mrad, 1 m, 30 mm
12° x 8.9°, 0.34 mrad, 1 m, 50 mm
Mounted Thermal Camera

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