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Acoustic Imager

Fluke ii900

Acoustic Imager

You can expect to see compressed air systems in production lines at Food and Beverage facilities. These systems while useful, can present very serious, potential hazards, particularly in machinery and equipment installed along production lines. The Fluke ii900 Acoustic Imager helps you locate air, gas, and vacuum leaks quickly and accurately by isolating the sound frequency of the leaks, helping you to identify potential problems in these systems early, before equipment failure.

  • Do more with the same air compressors and delay the capital expense of purchasing additional compressors

  • Improve reliability by ensuring proper air pressure to your pneumatic equipment

  • Reduce leak detection time and lower wasted energy costs

Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet
# of microphones
64 digital MEMS microphones
Frequency Band
2 kHz to 100 kHz
Sound pressure sensitivity
Detects a 2.5 cm3/sec leak at 7 bar from up to 10 meters
Operation distance range
0.5 to > 70 meters
Built-in digital camera (visible light)
Field of View (FOV)
63 ° ± 5 °
Fixed lens
Acoustic Measurements
Measurement range
29.3 dB to 119.6 dB SPL (±2 dB) at 2 kHz; 21.9 dB to 112.3 db SPL (±2 dB) at 19 kHz; 36.6 db to 126.9 dB SPL (±2 dB) at 52 kHz
General Specifications
Battery life
6 hours (product includes spare battery)
Main Units Rating
IP40 protection against particles 1mm or greater and dripping water
Sensor Head Rating
Acoustic Imager



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